Just Add Water Rewards

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Sign up with your email at checkout.

Earn points with every purchase with no minimum spend. 1 point = 1p

Step 2 - earn

Earn points on your purchases.

Earn more points with our seasonal promotions.

Redeem your points for money off your next purchase

Enjoy money off your next purchase. Minimum reclaim 100 points.


Step 3 - Redeem


What is DS Rewards?

DS Rewards is a loyalty programme which gives Duncan Stewart Textiles customers the rewards they deserve. To become a member, simply sign in/register at checkout before placing your order. Membership is not compulsary to purchase from our store but the programme does allow you to earn points on every purchase made with us.

How do I earn points?

You now earn points every time you place an order with us, providing you are logged in to your account at the time of purchase. For example, if you spend £1 - you will get 5 points. £10 = 50 points. £20 = 100 points. £50 = 250 points and £100 = 500 points. We do not have a minimum spend on our orders meaning you earn on every purchase. When redeeming, 1 point is the equivalent of 1 pence. For example, if you have 100 points it will give you £1 off if redeemed.

Where do I find my total points?

Once logged into your account, you can find the total amount of points you have earnt on the 'Your Reward Points' section of your account.

Do my points expire?

Your redeemable points will expire after 2 years.

Can I combine my rewards with other offers?

Yes! you can use your points for money off purchases with a discount or those that are in any promotional sale. Unfortunately you cannot redeem your points to use towards shipping methods.