Indulge your skin with our traditional Olive Oil bar soaps that leave your skin feeling soft and cleansed.


You just can’t resist the delicious fragrance of classic vanilla essential oil. A warm bath with our Vanilla Olive Oil Artisan Soap is the best way to start your day or have a good night’s sleep. This nourishing olive oil soap comes with a touch of palm and coconut oil, cleansing deep into your skin without any irritation.


Handmade, chemical-free and natural soaps, our products are environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. Each slice weighs approximately 95 gms.

Vanilla Olive Oil Soap

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The skin-friendly features of olive oil have been renowned since ancient times. The natural fat provides protection, improves skin tone, softness, and youth of skin through restructuring oil action.

The best thing about olive oil soap is that it cleanses your skin without washing out the natural oils. Each soap has special properties relating to essential oils and other natural ingredients in them.