Think of all the fun of the Fair!


The absolutely gorgeous smell then takes you back to the days of fairground rides and food stands where bright red toffee apples and candy floss was for sale with no thought given to looking after your teeth!


This gift set includes a card called Autumn's Reach, which we feel captures the beauty of autumn, perfect for sending a simple, heartfelt note.

Toffee Apple Bath Box


1x Toffee Apple Bath Bomb 200g - Drop one half of the bath fizzer into the water and watch as it fizzes and releases its rich fragrance into the air. Softens and perfumes the bathwater, leaving the skin gently fragrant. Even suitable for use in hot tubs!

1x Toffee Apple Bath Crumble 100g - Smells just like you've bitten into a sweet juicy apple covered in hard sugar toffee. Delicious!

1x Toffee Apple Bath Cupcake 80g - Little jewels for your baths, these Bath Cupcakes are enriched with moisturizing and nourishing cocoa and shea butter. Each cupcake can be used for 2 baths.

1x Toffee Apple Soap Slice 100g - This looks like a slab of fudge with some caramelised toffee chunks floating in it!


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