These gorgeous bath bombs will give you the experience you need to wind-down. Weighing in approx. 150g our range of bath balls are super fizzy and can include Cocoa butter or Shea butter.  The amazing fragrances will fill your bathroom and alleviate the stress from your mind and the fizz around you will relieve the tension in your body.


For each three bath bombs of the same size purchased from any range, the order will come in a free natural style cardboard gift box. 


*Please note as this is a hand made product and due to the nature of the item, there may be some airline cracks.

Red Grapefruit & Sugarcane Bath Ball


The best way to use a bath bomb is to run your bathtub and place the bath bomb in the water after it is filled. The bath bomb will take 3-6 minutes to dissolve in the warm water.

This is the point when you should enter the water once the bubbles, scents, salts and fizz have been released.