Put them under your spell!


The stunning fragrance in the gift box is a deliciously sweet blend of cherry blossom, white musk and tangerine with hints of peach, strawberry, raspberry and bergamot.


Included is the Little Heart Card greeting card,  suitable for all occasions. Perfect for simple heart felt messages, or notes to the ones you love.

Love Spell Box


1x Love Spell Whipped Soap 130g - A luxurious whipped soap base with added oils to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Can be used directly on the skin or simply lather on a sponge.

1x Sensual Shower Cubes 40g - A great aromatherapy treatment for times of tension let the deep fragrance fill your senses while you relax in the shower.

1x Love Lava Soap Slice 100g - With the delicate fragrance of fresh lavender, this amazing soap can be a wonderful addition to your bathing accessories.

1x Lovely Spell Bath Bomb  120g - This bath bomb will make your bathroom have a romantic and relaxed atmosphere and the water will turn to beautiful bright pink colour. This is a sinker because of the shea butter, it makes the bath bomb heavier and will not float. Castor Oil has ultra-rich moisturizing qualities and helps to keep your skin soft to the touch.

1x Rose & Ylang-Ylang Bath Salts 200g - Treat yourself with these rose & ylang-ylang fragranced bath salts with rose petals.



The Fine Print



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