Gift for yourself on Valentine's Day, because you are your one true love.


Treat yourself or someone you love to this box filled with love.


Included is the Little Heart Card greeting card,  suitable for all occasions. Perfect for simple heartfelt messages, or notes to the ones you love.

Love Gift Box


1x Love Spell Body Butter 100g - Not just a moisturising body butter, but also a delicious aroma of blended essential oils designed to boost your love life and make you irresistible, contains Bergamot to radiate love energy, Rose Geranium to stimulate feelings of enjoyment, White Grapefruit to promote lightness of the spirit, Clary Sage which gives intuitive insight, and Rose Perfume the divine fragrance of love.

1x Sweetheart Bath Fizzer 90g - The fragrance is a combination of rich aromas of fresh, green and natural rose interpretation with hints of grassy notes.

1x Rose & Ylang-Ylang Bath Salts 200g - Treat yourself with these Rose & Ylang-Ylang fragranced bath salts with rose petals.

2x Sensual Bath Melt 15g - This creamy handmade bath melt made with Cocoa Butter and a blend of Rose Geranium Oil and Rose Petal Extract will leave your skin beautifully moisturised and silky soft.

1x Sensual Massage Bar 50g - A super sexy massage bar made with a blend of romantic oils. Rose Petal Extract, Rosewater, and Rose Geranium Oil plus Ylang-Ylang Oil for extra spice, combined with our sensual fragrance is certain to produce a memorable massage!



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