The aromas inside will transform your bath into a beachy destination and transport you to a place where the sun's in your face, wind in your hair and your bare feet is in the sand!

June: Shower Box

SKU: June Shower Box 2020

1x Blue Lagoon soap Slice 100g: The wonderful aroma of this fragrance is fresh, green, floral yet zesty with citrus notes.

1x Ocean Shower Bomb: Contains lime and black pepper, restores strength and refreshes.

1x Sea Breeze Body Butter 40g: With a blend of coco butter & shea butter, this body butter releases an extremely gently yet fresh and ozonic marine fragrance with hints of rose and amber.

1x Waves Shower Gel 200ml: Fresh Mint fragrance and pure Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils to revive and restore you.

1x Sea Breeze Massage Soap Sponge: A marine scent inhibited with soft citrus waters, eucalyptus, heady lavender and lulling cedar musks.