The Perfect Scent for every room in your home


Our Home Comforts git set is a collection of fragrances with specific rooms in your home in mind. The aromas are absolutely wonderful and long-lasting whilst being less hassle and easier to use than oils.


Simmering Granules are a wonderfully versatile way to fragrance your home with your favourite aromas. They are perfect for placing in oil burners and will give your home a wonderful fragrance.


Select a fragrance for each room in you home, or leave blank and we will select for you. 

Greeting card  included which is suitable for all occasions. Perfect for congratulating them on their new home, simple heartfelt messages, or notes to the ones you love.

Home Comforts Gift Set

Living Room

5x Simmering Granules - One for each room, come packaged as 130g in amber glass jars for ease of use which prolongs the aroma and colour and prevents worry about splitting plastic bags.  

10x 4hr Tealights - These tea lights are made using only the best quality waxes, which means that your tealights always comply with the highest standards.

1x Oil Burner - Ideal for burning fragrance oils, simmering granules, Wax Melts and makes an attractive ornament for a side or mantelpiece in any room.



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