Purifying and detoxifying - Great for oily and blemished skin.


Made with Cornish clay and activated charcoal from sustainable sources in the south of the UK, this mask will help to draw out and absorb impurities and toxins, balance oily skin and generally give your face a good spring clean! 


These products are made with natural and organic ingredients which help balance your skin naturally.


Always do a patch test first. Avoid lips and eye area. If irritation occurs wash off and discontinue use immediately. Recommended to use this product up to two times a week, but up to 3 times a week as a maximum for normal/oily skin.

Charcoal Face Mask Pamper Gift Set


Our facial gift boxes have all you need for amazing skin using 100% natural products.

Activated Charcoal Face Mask 100ml - The moisturising blend of shea butter, argan oil and vitamin E will leave your skin clean, smooth and nourished. Lock yourself away and give your skin a weekly treat! It's paraben free too!

Charcoal Cleans