Inspired by the Beach Huts & Seagulls of Brighton.


This gift set reminds me of a perfect summer sky with three seabirds drifting on the wind and the sound of the sea in my ears.


Brighton Beach Bath Box

Greeting Card

2x Morning Zen Creamers - Watch as your soul floats above the summer sky coloured water, feeling your worries drift away.

1x Azure Skies Bomb Blaster - Close your eyes and relax as this complex but clean scent transports you to your favourite memories and the pure Cedarwood and Vetiver oils calm and help relax you.

1x Beach House Spa Soap - Great for use in the shower in place of shower gel, the heady scent of this soap will fill the bathroom!

1x Brighton Beach Bath Bomb - A light, fresh, soft, powdery scent that is fresh, uplifting and clean!

1x Ocean Breeze Bath Salts 200g - A light, fresh, soft, powdery scent that is fresh, uplifting and clean!

1x Beach Scene Candle - Bring the splendour and calm of an ocean reef to your bathroom. There is nothing so calming and beautiful as a vibrant seascape framed by a blue ocean. The clear glass holder offers an underwater scene and includes a variety of shells, a starfish and a sea shrub resting on vibrant blue mini pebbles, suspended in a clear gel, above is a clear plastic holder containing a white wax tea light candle.



The Fine Print


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