What could be more relaxing than a sticky banana and toffee pie?


A Banoffee Pie scented bath of course! Experience all the joys of this indulgent aroma without the calorie guilt! Expect rich wafts of fresh ripe bananas and satisfyingly sweet tones of opulent toffee.  Its mouthwatering fragrance smells almost good enough to eat (but please don't)!


The key ingredient in our bath crumble is Shea Butter. It’s completely natural and skin friendly. It contains nourishing fatty acid, which reaches deep into the roots of your skin and flushes out the accumulated oil and dirt.


Each Tub weighs approximately 200g

Banoffee Pie


A sweet and creamy fruity accord with the main emphasis on banana, combined with sticky toffee notes, vanilla pod and a gentle hint of cinnamon.