Soap Sponges - Massage, Lather, Rinse... Done!

Yes, it’s a soap, in a sponge!

Work up a lather with our multi-functional soap sponges which are ideal for the shower or the bath. Once you've used one of our soap sponges, you'll never look back. This moisturizing vegetable-based glycerin soap has the added luxury of a sponge, which is excellent for exfoliating.

Handmade in the UK, each sponge leaves a gentle lather and a moisturising feel to the skin. Simply wet in the shower or bath, scrub away, and when you're done, leave it on the side to set again for next time. If used daily this sponge can last up to 4 weeks making them fantastic value for money.

Sponge Soaps are also quick and easy to throw into gym bags and they also make great travel companions, as they are lightweight (200g) and not liquid so can go in your hand luggage, fab for pre self-tanning as they help smooth the skin ready for summer.

The sponges are also great for gifts, so why not treat yourself or someone you love!

Check out our selection of Fruity Soap Sponges

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