Shower Soufflés – Whipped Clouds Of Shower Goodness!

Once you go whipped, you NEVER go back!

Shower Soufflés is a creamy rich mousse, will cleanse your skin with oh-so-gentle touches, and delicate aromas will embellish your skin with a note of nature. Designed to be luxury body wash in the shower, its versatility means it can also be used as hand soap, body wash, shaving cream, shampoo - anything! They are that awesome!

What are Shower Soufflés?! It's in between a solid soap and a shower gel, a creamy whipped soap full of moisturising oils and butters to leave your skin clean, soft and smooth. A good lather on these means one of these pots can last up to a month and longer than a shower gel!

Shower souffles are easily absorbed and extremely light. They contain natural ingredients that are paraben and chemical free, you can use these luxurious souffle for all skin types and the entire body.

Simple to use, you just apply a small amount to a bath puff or your damp skin, massage thoroughly to produce a nice lather in shower, foam up and rinse. The creamy whipped soufflé will leave your skin squeaky clean, moisturised, smelling delicious and feeling great!

Souffles Scrubs – Amazingness in a Jar...

Our creamy Souffle Scrub is a convenient scrub and soap all in one! It foams, exfoliates & moisturises in one application & is made with skin loving moisturisers and cleansers derived from natural ingredients.

Handmade just like our Shower Souffles but with an added kick of sugar to create a wonderful, yet soft scrub. The sugar feeds the skin and does not strip out the natural oils, so it can be used in the shower as often as desired for mild exfoliation.

Souffle Scrubs can be used on body and face to gently polish and moisturise the skin and is suitable for ALL skin types but use with care on sensitive skin due to its abrasive nature.

Use when skin is warm and wet. Rub gently into skin with either your hand or a washcloth to exfoliate and moisturize. Scrub until the sugar melts then continue massaging the nourishing oils into the skin. As you massage it will feel oily but please resist the urge to wash it off. After massaging for a few minutes rinse with warm water. Dry skin as usual.

Skin will be so silky and moisturized you won’t need a moisturizer after your shower!

Are you looking for a great pampering gift for that friend without a bath?

Check out our selection of Souffles and Souffle Scrubs.

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