Shower Jellies - Are you ready for this jelly!?

Infuse a little fun into your everyday lather!

Our Jelly soaps are ALL 100% Vegan Friendly, Hand Made in the UK and Against Animal Testing.

Shower jellies are basically what would happen if a bar of soap and shower gel had a baby. These bright little orbs of soap that jiggle, are heaps of fun to play with in the shower – I mean, you can’t be sad when you’re rubbing a colourful wobbly lump all over your body!

The wiggly jiggle comes from seaweed and the mineral-rich carrageenan extract is also surprisingly moisturising, so when you step out from under the shower, your skin will feel beautifully smooth and hydrated.

Shower jellies are just like a soap bar – you can rub them all over your body and then rinse your skin.

Shower jellies are a fantastic, versatile alternative to soaps and shower gels that you can use in multiple ways, from head to toe. You can then easily rub it directly on your body like a bar soap or you can crush them on a loofah. Because jellies lather up so well, they are fabulous to use when you squish them into a shower puff!

If you cut your shower jelly up into smaller slices or cubes, it's much easier to keep a grip on them and makes it last longer. You can also chill them in the fridge or freezer and rub them all over your skin on a hot summer day. It feels really cooling plus freezing makes the wobblier jellies a bit easier to handle.

Wiggly, Jiggly Clean Fun For Kids

Not every child loves taking a bath, but when you can incorporate shower jellies for them to use, bath time is much more fun. Chase them around the bath, lather up, rise off, squeeze them, poke them, wobble them, slide them, whatever you want… they’re great fun and make washing up much more fun!

Kids love these squishy, playable soaps that provide a great sensory experience. Even better, it’s a wiggly soap that makes bath time more fun AND gets them clean in the process.

Take a look at the different scents that we have to offer in our Shower Jelly range.

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