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#MaskMonday: Clay Masks - Different colours for different needs

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Clay has been around for years in the beauty industry, in fact, the Greeks and Romans have been using it in their skincare routine for centuries.

Cleopatra, who’s beauty secrets were well-documented, was reported to use white clay from the Nile River and the Arabian desert as part of her beauty ritual. She also loved to use rose water, which makes skin soft and smooth, as a natural facial toner.

So, we know The Egyptian Queen used clay face masks mixed with natural floral waters as part of her beauty regime, but why? What did Cleopatra know about clay as a skincare ingredient that you want to know too?!

Clay is enormously effective for oily & acne-prone skin!

The earth’s clay naturally has many rich minerals with powerful qualities to draw out toxins which puts a stop to shine and absorbs oil. So, if you have acne or skin prone to being oily, a clay mask will draw out the impurities from the surface of your skin, so you can wave goodbye clogged pores.

Equally, if you’re blessed enough that you’re not plagued with skin breakouts, the minerals and acids in clays will benefit other skin types too, including dry skin due to its efficiency to unclog your pores and detoxify your skin.

In fact, clay is so effective at cleaning and clearing out the skin, its use is not restricted to masks; you can find clay in many skin care products such as soap, hair products, and skin wraps.

The Difference in The Clays

All over the world you can find clay, so there are a lot of different kinds of clays with their own set of benefits in a variety of colours, naturally colouredby nature, however, not all clays are born equal.

Different clays are more suitable for different skin types, due to the varying levels of minerals they contain, which means there is also a clay type for every skin challenge.

The great news? Nature has provided us with a guide to help us choose the right one for our needs, so you can be sure to select the correct clay for your skin type and get the healthy complexion you desire, minus the side effects.


Balances, Tones & Purifies

This natural mineral owes its colour to a high concentration of iron oxide. Naturally rich in trace elements, it stimulates microcirculation in the blood vessels to really wake up the skin. Red clay is suitable for everyone, and those with skin that is sensitive, irritated, or tired will find it especially appealing.


  • Absorbs excess sebum

  • Mattifies and unifies the complexion

  • Reduces redness

  • Soothes discomfort caused by irritations

  • Revives and brightens the complexion


Smoothens & Purifies

With a low concentration of mineral salts, purple clay is the perfect ally for dry and fragile skin, perfect for people with dull or tired skin.


  • Boosts the complexion’s radiance

  • Detoxifies the skin

  • Restores softness to the skin


Tones, Oxygenates & Exfoliates

With less iron oxide than green clay, yellow clay also causes less irritation. While it’s suitable for combination skin, its gentleness is ideal for dry, sensitive, and mature skin.


  • Cleanses while absorbing impurities

  • Has natural anti-wrinkle properties

  • Oxygenates the cells

  • Stimulates the production of collagen


Soothes, Heals & Revitalizes

White clay is rich in mineral salts and contains kaolin, an ingredient that helps repair skin and hair. It is one of the gentlest types of clay for the skin. As white clay is quite gentle, it is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry and/or mature skin.


  • Antiseptic & Anti-inflammatory

  • Helps skin to heal

  • Softens and purifies the skin


Regenerates & Soothes

A mix of red and white clay, pink clay enjoys the benefits of both. The result: an instantly glowing complexion! Since pink clay cleanses the skin deeply with no irritation, it’s an essential addition to your beauty routine if you have dry, sensitive or reactive skin.


· Eliminates redness

· Restores radiance to the skin

· Smoothens the skin’s texture

· Softens and hydrates the skin

· Treats damaged skin


Hydrates & Oxygenates

While this type of clay is quite rare, it’s a serious anti-pollution ally. Blue clay is renowned for its gentleness and invigorating virtues, restoring vitality to both your hair and skin. Blue clay ror everyone but it is particularly effective for mature or oily skin.


  • Oxygenates the skin

  • Removes impurities, pollution & dead skin

  • Restores radiance and brightness to skin


Purifies & Detoxifies

This volcanic rock contains more minerals than white clay, making it more absorbent and able to remove more toxins and impurities. Green clay is the perfect remedy for oily, combination or acne-prone skin since it removes dirt from the skin, in addition to absorbing excess sebum.


  • Fights acne

  • Helps skin to heal

  • Mattifies the skin

  • Reduces the appearance of blackheads

  • Regulates sebum production

  • Tightens pores

There are many types of clay out there, and whichever one you decide to use, just remember they’re all fab for times when your skin needs some TLC.

So, shop now for your clay mask product and channel your inner Cleopatra and feel like a queen.

Happy Monday Masking!

For more masking recommendations from Just Add Water, stay tuned for upcoming features in our #MaskMonday Blog series.

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