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Here’s Why You Should be Doing #MaskMonday, Every Monday

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We all know that a face mask, a bubbling bathtub, and a cool glass of wine make for a fantastic Sunday night. But what about Monday?

The first day of the work week is almost always, without fail, packed with start-of-the-week meetings, endless emails, and a bit of frantic post-weekend catchup that easily scrapes the last two days of peace off your face.

No matter how relaxing your Sunday may have been, Monday always has a way of taking your stress over the edge again. And worse – it starts to show on your skin.

We are strong believers in #MaskMonday for just this reason. While we’re never ones to advise against self-care on Sunday, we can’t help but feel that an extra dose on Monday is just as important (if not more so) than a weekend session.

Ending your Monday with an evening mask gives you a tiny moment of restoration after a packed day; a moment where you can calm down your skin (and yourself) and get a rare dose of weekday self-care, both physically and mentally. Plus, you can react to whatever stressors your skin has been fighting through in the throes of the workday.

So, to that end, we’ll be kicking off our very own #MaskMonday series, where we’ll grace your Mondays here and there with a fresh (quite literally) new mask recommendation, and a nice little reminder to add some regular skincare and self-care to your Monday nights.

Happy Monday Masking!

For more masking recommendations from Just Add Water, stay tuned for upcoming features in our #MaskMonday Blog series.

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